Our shipping deadlines mentioned in your order are ex our warehouse. The delay to prepare your order is not included in this period. It will take a delivery time of 24 to 72 hours in France, 5 days in Corsica, within 3 to 10 days for all other destinations.

First check if you have not received a notice of pending in your mailbox. This review tells you the instructions to get your package. Otherwise go to your account on the site www.takoon.com check the status of your order and proceed to delivery tracking if it has been sent. At any time you can contact us by email at the address where shop@takoon.com by phone at +33 9 63 59 64 79.

Our orders are payable cash your account will debit within 7 days, at each stage of the process we will send you an email information to track your / your packages.

Yes it’s possible. Then you must imperatively choose a different delivery address of your billing address.

You can always contact us as follows:

  • For questions about your order / delivery: shop@takoon.com or by phone at +33 9 63 59 64 79
  • For questions about a product Takoon: support@takoon.com or by phone at +33 9 63 59 64 79

Yes, according to the french tax law, the tax refund applies to travelers with regular residence in a non EU-member state or in a third country (French overseas departments, Monaco aren’t included). From 175 € of purchase including taxes excluding shipping costs we can deliver in France and provide a tax refund slip to be validated by the French customs during your country exit. Once this document checked by the french customs we will reimburse the VAT.

We must first identify where the leak comes from: It can come from your inflation / deflation valve or perforation of one of your bladders. For valves, ensure that they are properly closed and for single inflation valves / deflation, check if the seal between the valve body and the cap is in place (in case of loss you find one in the repair kit that came with your kite). Otherwise you should check which of your bladders leak. For that normally inflate your wing and lock each of cleats if located on one pump connectors between the struts and leading edge. Let your kite into the state to identify which of socks does not hold pressure correctly. Once identified which bladder, disassembly and repair as shown in the manual.

To register your Takoon product, fill in the registration form located in the support section of our website. This requires your product serial number of your Takoon product (kite or board) and fill in the various fields.

This probably comes from a length difference in your lines. Several causes can generate this kind of situation: Insufficient pre-stretching of your lines, over-stretching of your lines due to excessive tension. To fix this, make sure you do not have a knot in your lines, fix your four lines to the same fixed point symmetrically, then enter your bar, stretch your lines and make sure they are the same length in position lined (bar and clam cleat).

All Takoon products are developed in Languedoc Roussillon South of France where Kitesurfing was born. They are tested on site as well as many spots around the world. The frequent conditions of strong and gusty wind in the south of France as well as great beaches provide our kites and boards the DNA of the brand. Production is carried out in Europe and Asia with manufacturers with whom we have long-term relationships. The materials used are sourced from the best suppliers.

If stored for a long time make sure to rinse with fresh water and let the kite dry in the open air. remember to leave the one pump connections locking tabs open, and the inflation valves. Fold your kite on itself starting from each end towards the central part by 20cm wide roll loosely. Once the kite is deflated you can fold it by 30cm sections starting from the trailing edge to the leading edge and leaving the remaining air is discharged through the exit valve. Once you have obtained a set of 40cm by 30cm you can store it in the bag which should be preferably stored in a dry place and away wetness.

Takoon products are exclusively sold on his website www.takoon.com.

Each kite whatever the model or size are developed with our standard bar of 48 cm.

If you are faced with a quality problem with your Takoon hardware, we encourage you to contact us :

  • by email : [mail]support@takoon.com[/mail]
  • by phone : +33 9 63 59 64 79.

In some cases it may be necessary to return your product for further viewing.

All Takoon bars are mounted with 22m flight lines. Depending on the model and integrating clamping wings this is between 23 and 24m flight line. For areas larger than 12m2 we strongly recommend the use of 4m line extensions to optimize the performance of your wing Takoon.

To be part of the Takoon Family and benefit of the Takoon Family prices you should either:

  • Acquire the Takoon Family card (50EUR, 55USD, 40GBP) valid lifetime
  • Be sponsored by a godfather member of the Takoon Family.

All Takoon Family members can sponsor any kiter or kiter future by sharing their Takoon Family card number located in their account and thus to benefit from 10% of their godson first invoice voucher.

On its side the godson get the Takoon Family card for free.

Takoon is now selling direct to kitesurfers at the Takoon Family price.
We offer high quality products sold directly without go between.

During your first visit to our shop you will be offered to acquire the Takoon Family card. However, if you do not want it you can not get the Takoon the Family price. It is understood possibe to go shopping without adhering but at list prices …

Yes, ALL items sold from a complete kite to a single seal gasket can be baught at the Takoon Family price.

Once your subscription achieved you’ll receive your Takoon Family card number. You can find it at any time in your personal account page at My Takoon Family card.